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The Right Height


I used to always look for a taller man. I am beginning to think that is not the ideal. After being with a short guy, I know that is not what’s up either. I know I am not alone in this. Women go for the tall dark and handsome guy, or at least taller. I think we have got it all wrong. Women should look for a guy more her own height. When dancing or hugging you will be more in alignment. Hips will move along with hips and arms/shoulders will rest in the right spot on each others bodies. The best part of all, much easier positioning for a kiss. The short guy I dated, it was all about bending (very uncomfortable). I really could only make out sitting. My new love will have a much better time finding my lips at around my height.

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Bad Gift Giver Part 2 “Boyfriend”

Pile of Christmas Presents on white background12/24/16

Going along with my giving bad gifts. I was seeing a young man one time during Christmas. I was trying to see what he wanted for Christmas. I had a few options I don’t think he liked very much. I thought he would want a hat that says “I love sour eggs” on it. A baseball cap he could wear or a bottle of febreeze, “it gets bad smells out of fabric for good”. He wasn’t laughing, but I was.

Bad Gift Giver


A long time ago I wasn’t very good at giving gifts. ( I hope I have gotten better, family and friends). I thought it would be a wonderful idea to give all my old games that I didn’t play with any more, the ones that my siblings had seen and played with too, to wrap those games and put them under the tree for Christmas. You know my siblings were soooooo excited to see broken, piceces missing, ratty used games for Christmas presents. To my credit my sister and brother did get a lot of presents that year because I had a lot of used games to get rid of.

Outdated Trends


I was shopping at Kohl’s the other day. I found a long sleeve shirt with ruffles around the shoulders in fuchsia. It looked like something a little girl would wear in the eighties. It was from a Jennifer Lopez line. I don’t think the eighties styles are coming back especially for kids trends in adult clothing. Thanks Jennifer for making crap!



I have a very challenging job in aftercare for 89 children. I am surrounded by children playing games, doing homework, or making crafts. They basically destroy or loose the pieces and boxes to their games. They get into tiffs over nothing or actually grab at each other or their things. It can get a bit hairy when they hit on occasion! I get headaches because they are so loud. One kid is cute but ……….89 kids?lil-snappers-kids-group-two



It seems like now we have complicated our lives. We no longer just need one phone. We need at least two phones. I remember the days when things were simple. Everyone had one landline. Now I need a phone just to call my other phone in case it gets lost or to troubleshoot a problem with my cellphone. See they are complicated, little mini, two hundred plus dollar, computers that are prone to misplacing. What a fabulous idea!



I have been fighting with putting up pictures on my blog. I think it is more annoying than anything and unnecessary. Do you really need a picture to explain my words or any words? Don’t words explain themselves? Or is it really true that a picture is worth a thousand words? I feel like only kids need a picture because they……wait for it……..they can’t read. But I have given in, I know how “high” people get off of pictures. Anything for you!



It is Autumn time again. I was playing pretend and chase. Basically I was chasing kids pretending I am bad/ evil. I am the darkness. I would say I am getting you with my lighting , thunder or with the night. The kids said they were good. One was attacking me with rainbows and when I tried to get her she put up a “rainbow shield” and I wasn’t able to get pass that. Then one girl said she was throwing mud at me. And the cutest thing was another girl said she was attacking me with pumpkins. So I pretended the pumpkins hit me in the head and I said, “ouch, ouch!!!!!”




Wouldn’t it be great if guys could see your heart and be attracted to you like they are to our bodies? If we could remove the superficialness. Like instead of the Kardashians being famous it could be all the people who help people, who run charities. Instead of people trying to get money for plastic surgery people would be trying to volunteer at soup kitchen. If people helping other people was considered sexy this world, it would be a much better place. Then maybe I would have a chance at being on the cover of People magazine as the most beautiful woman alive!

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